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WIP 2012-01-17

A Guideline for Aerospace Platform Photonics Training and Awareness Education Specialist in Precision Optics Knowledge Competencies ARP6180/7

This document establishes training guidelines applicable to aerospace specialist in precision optics technical training for individuals involved in the manufacturing, installation, support, integration and testing of photonic systems. A specialist in precision optics works in optical component fabrication facilities and in quality control departments (incoming and/or outgoing inspection) for organizations that incorporate precision optics into various systems. They must understand and be able to examine the properties and uses of a variety of bulk materials, have experience in the use of equipment and procedures for shaping polishing and coating precision optics, and the use optical instruments, procedures and guidelines for verifying optical component dimensions and tolerances. They can also handle, store and ship precision optical components Applicable personnel include: Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Trainers/Instructors, Third Party Maintenance Agencies, Quality Assurance, and Production
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