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Current ISSUED 2017-10-10

Qualifications Required for SAE Type I Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluids ARP6207

This document describes:
  1. a
    the preparatory steps to test experimental Type I fluids according to AMS1424;
  2. b
    the recommendations for the preparation of samples for endurance time testing according to ARP5945;
  3. c
    a short description of the recommended field spray test;
  4. d
    the protocol to demonstrate that Type I fluid can be used with the Type I holdover time guidelines published by the FAA and Transport Canada, including endurance time data obtained from ARP5945;
  5. e
    the protocol for inclusion of Type I fluids on the FAA and Transport Canada lists of fluids;
  6. f
    the protocol for updating the FAA and Transport Canada lists of fluids;
  7. g
    the role of the SAE G-12 Aircraft Deicing Fluids Committee;
  8. h
    the role of the SAE G-12 Holdover Time Committee; and
  9. i
    the process for the publication of Type I holdover time guidelines.
This document does not describe laboratory-testing procedures.
This document does not include the qualification requirements for AMS1428 Type II, III, and IV fluids (these are provided in ARP5718).


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