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Current ISSUED 2019-02-25

Procedure for the Calculation of Non-Volatile Particulate Matter Sampling and Measurement System Losses and System Loss Correction Factors ARP6481

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) details the recommended process for correcting measured non-volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) mass and number data for particle losses in the sampling and measurement system specified in ARP6320. This technique is only recommended for conditions where both nvPM mass and number concentration measurements are in the valid measurement ranges of the instruments which are discussed in the tool limitations section. This ARP also supplies an Excel® software tool with documentation to automate the process.
The body of the ARP details the recommended calculation method, uncertainties and limitations of the system loss correction factors. It explains, in detail, the required inputs and outputs from the supplied Excel® software tool (developed on Windows 7, Excel® 2016). Also included are:
  • The Excel® correction tools (Attachments I and V).
  • Installation instructions for a Windows based computer (Attachment II).
  • A user technical manual (Attachment III) describing functions used within the tool and optional Excel® add-in (Attachment VI).
  • Multiple Sample Test Cases (Attachment IV).
The Excel® tools are intended to do the full calculation described in AIR6504. This ARP provides documentation for the Excel® spreadsheet system loss tool lite version (nvPM System Loss Tool v2_5_Lite.xlsm). The difference between the full tool and lite tool is described in Appendix C. Attachments III and VI are also described in Appendix C. If the user has produced her/his own software for the AIR6504 correction, comparison of results from this tool may be used to verify that software.
This ARP does not contain the full description of the sampling and measurement system described in ARP6320. The correction technique is only briefly discussed in this ARP. More detailed information is provided in the AIR6054.


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