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WIP 2018-03-27

Tests Recommended for Qualifying an Artificial Bird for Aircraft Certification Testing ARP6924

This document defines the Level 1 tests required for qualifying an artificial bird for certification testing of aircraft and aircraft engines. Level 1 refers to the lowest level of the test pyramid associated with the building block approach defined in the CMH-17 Composite Materials Handbook. The test pyramid consists of a sequence of 5 levels of testing, ranging from the most basic at the lowest level of the pyramid to the most complex at the apex. Typically the number of tests performed has an inverse relationship to the complexity of the tests. The building block approach is used for defining the tests required to qualify an artificial bird that would be accepted by regulatory agencies for certification testing of aircraft, including rotorcraft, fixed wing fuselages and engines, where bird strike testing is currently required. This document only describes the tests required for Level 1 of the test pyramid. Separate documents define the tests required at higher levels. The scope of this document does not include detailed descriptions of the required tests. These descriptions are defined in separate standards associated with each test.
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