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WIP 2023-03-06

Guide for Electric Load Analysis and Power Source Capacity Planning in High Voltage Electric Power Systems ARP7135

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) covers definitions, functions and broad application guidelines of electric load analysis and power source capacity planning and utilization in airborne platforms operated at high voltage DC (HVDC) and high voltage AC (HVAC) systems. These guidelines shall be applicable for both hybrid electric and all-electric propulsion schemes and dedicated ground support equipment. This document also defines the related distribution, integration, protection, and operational considerations, some of which may be outside of conventional power distribution and operations. Both propulsive and non-propulsive sources, systems, and loads and associated control systems comprise the new high voltage electric powerplant with individual load and source logic controls, protection, and power sources and load management that can report and receive commands from an autonomous vehicle management system or from an operator.
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