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WIP 2018-11-07

Recommended Design and Test Requirements for Quantity Measuring Hydraulic Fuses ARP8450

1. SCOPE This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides recommendations for design and test requirements for quantity measuring hydraulic fuses. 1.1 Purpose The recommended requirements contained in this ARP are compiled for inclusion, as applicable, in a Procurement Specification for this type of hydraulic fuse. NOTES: 1. The recommended requirements in this ARP should be reviewed by the procuring activity and only those requirements that are applicable for a specific application should be incorporated in the Procurement Specification. 2. In the event of a conflict between the recommended requirements in this ARP and the Procurement Specification, the Procurement Specification shall take precedence. 1.2 Product Classification This ARP covers three types of quantity measuring hydraulic fuses, as follows: ? Type 1 - Self-Resetting without manual bypass ? Type 2 - Self-Resetting with manual bypass ? Type 3 - Non-Self-Resetting 1.3 Field of Application The quantity measuring hydraulic fuse is intended for use in commercial and military aircraft hydraulic systems with rated system pressures up to 5000 psi (34 474 kPa).
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