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WIP 2012-01-17

Air Conditioning Systems for Subsonic Airplanes ARP85

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) contains guidelines and recommendaitons for subsonic airpolane air conditioning systems and components, including requirements, design philosophy, testing and ambient conditions.

The airplane air conditioning system comprises that arrangement of equipment, controls and indicators that supply and distribute air to the occupied compartments for ventilation, pressurization, and temperature and moisture control. The principal features of the system are:

a. A supply of fresh air from at least two sources with independent control valves
b. A means for heating
c. A means for cooling (air or vapor cycle units and heat exchangers)
d. A means for removign excess moisture from the air supply
e. A ventilation subsystem
f. A temperature control subsystem
g. A presure control subsystem

Other system components for treating cabin air such as filtration and humidification would be included, as would the ancillary functions of equipment cooling and cargo compartment conditioning.

The interface with the major associated system, the pneumatic system (Chapter 36 of ATA 100), is at the inlet of the air conditioning shutoff valves. This boundary definition aligns with that in the ATA 100 Specification.

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