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WIP 2019-09-19

Bolts, Screws and Nuts - External Wrenching UNJ Thread, Inch - Design Standard AS1132

<p>The scope of this SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) is to define the following dimensional requirements for double hexagon, hexagon head and tee headed bolts, and nuts with AS8879 UNJ inch series threads primarily for use in propulsion systems. Design requirements are based on UNJC threads for sizes 0.1640 and smaller and UNJF threads for sizes 0.1900 and larger.</p> <p>Bolts</p> <p>a. Head configurations and dimensions (see 3.1)</p> <p>b. Shank configurations and dimensions (see 3.2)</p> <p>c. Geometric control (see 3.3)</p> <p>d. Surface texture (see 3.4)</p> <p>Nuts</p> <p>a. Configurations and dimensions (see 4.1)</p> <p>b. Geometric control (see 4.2)</p> <p>c. Surface texture (see 4.3)</p>
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