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WIP 2020-09-08

Aerospace Fluid Power - Contamination Classification for Hydraulic Fluids AS4059

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines contamination classes and levels for particulate contamination of hydraulic fluids and includes methods of reporting related data (Appendix A). The contamination levels selected are based on the widely accepted NAS 1638 cleanliness classes. The conversion from NAS 1638 cleanliness class specifications to AS4059 class specifications is defined. The comparison of the NAS 1638 classes to AS4059 classes and levels is provided and are defined and the differences explained (Appendix B). NAS 1638 classes based on weight of particles are not applicable to these classes and are not included. A contamination code has been added to describe the contamination levels of the fluid at the specified particle size ranges.
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This Standard is currently a WIP.