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WIP 2016-08-08

Performance Criteria for Laser Control Measures Used for Aviation Safety AS6029

This document provides guidance for laser operators and aviation authorities to determine the performance criteria that laser hazard control measures shall meet for the operation of an outdoor laser system in navigable airspace. The document does not cover systems intended to deliberately aim and or track lasers at aircraft such as FAA approved purposes, including visual warning systems, search and rescue, etc. Aircraft operations to be protected include all types that can be reasonably expected to operate in the affected area, which are traveling at speeds and altitudes defined in the Performance/Functional Requirements section. This document does not address all possible aircraft operations, (e.g., the operation of stealth, high-speed (> Mach 1), unmanned aircraft systems, aircraft above 60 000 feet MSL, etc.), including aircraft operating under a waiver from FAA regulations. Depending on the laser system's location and operational characteristics, the proponent may be required to coordinate with local military facilities and with the US Strategic Command. The military may request additional requirements (such as limitations on lasing hours or locations), or they may take actions to avoid the laser location.
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