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WIP 2020-11-24

Techniques for Suspect/Counterfeit EEE Parts Detection by External Visual Inspection, Remarking and Resurfacing, and Surface Texture Analysis Using SEM Test Methods AS6171/2

This document describes the requirements of the following test methods for counterfeit detection of electronic components:

  • Method A: General EVI, Sample Selection, and Handling
  • Method B: Detailed EVI, including Part Weight measurement
  • Method C: Testing for Remarking
  • Method D: Testing for Resurfacing
  • Method E: Part Dimensions measurement
  • Method F: Surface Texture Analysis using SEM

The scope of this document is focused on leaded electronic components, microcircuits, multi-chip modules (MCMs), and hybrids. Other EEE components may require evaluations not specified in this procedure. Where applicable this document can be used as a guide. Additional inspections or criteria would need to be developed and documented to thoroughly evaluate these additional part types. If SAE AS6171/2 is invoked in the contract, the base document, AS6171 General Requirements shall also apply.

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