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WIP 2017-11-13

Unmanned Systems (UxS) Control Segment (UCS) Architecture: Architecture Technical Governance AS6522

The UCS technical governance comprises a set of policies, processes, and standard definitions to establish consistency and quality in the development of architecture artifacts and documents. It provides guidance for the use of adopted industry standards and modeling conventions in the use of Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language (SoaML), including where the UCS Architecture deviates from normal UML conventions.

This document identifies the defining policies, guidelines, and standards of technical governance in the following subjects:

- Industry standards adopted by the AS-4UCS Technical Committee: These are the industry standards and specifications adopted by AS-4UCS in the generation and documentation of the architecture.

- UCS Architecture Development: UCS specific policies on the development of the UCS Architecture.

The AS-4UCS Technical Committee governance policies are intentionally minimal. The object is to provide direction specific to the intent and scope of developing architecture artifacts that follow a consistent set of specifications and industry best practices.

Standards are referenced within policies. Standards may place constraints on policies that are implemented by processes. Each process is intended to guide the development of architecture artifacts. For example, a standard may dictate that a UML diagram be modeled in a particular methodology using only approved stereotypes from the SoaML UML profile.

UCS technical governance applies to the following technical work products that are generated within the AS-4UCS Technical Committee. It is not applicable to third party developers, programs, or any other consumer of the UCS Architecture.

- The technical governance applies to the following item:

-- UxS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture: Model AS6518: Structure, diagrams, packages, and artifacts shall be defined in individual policies.

NOTE: Examples in this document are correct per UxS Control Segment (UCS) Architecture: Architecture Technical Governance AS6522 content but may not necessarily reflect the latest revision of the UCS Architectural Model.

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