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WIP 2017-10-30

Test Protocol for UAS Reciprocating (Intermittent) Engines as Primary Thrust Mechanism AS6971

This standard is intended to provide a method (or methods) to obtain repeatable and consistent measurements to reflect true engine performance and durability in customer. Standardized methodology is needed to normalize engine performance to fairly rate engine operating variables and parameters. Operational protocols will be defined according to engine class and will be based on those developed for on-highway applications. Based on typical engine operation, a series of speed and load combinations and/or sequences will be determined. The scope will include dynamometer based testing and static propeller-based experiments. The industry consists of many platforms that use reciprocating engines as the main (or sole) provider of rotational energy to propeller. There also exists a significant move towards hybrid-based engine-battery systems that are expected to have different operational requirements. This standard will focus on those using the engine as the main thrust provider, but allowances will also be considered for hybrid designs. The scope will include power correction methodologies to provide a more accurate description of performance.
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