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WIP 2023-02-13

Common, Open Data Exchange Format for Rotorcraft Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (CODEX-HUMS) AS7140

This SAE standard provides guidance on the development and implementation of a Common Open Data Exchange (CODEX) format for rotorcraft Health Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS). The standard is intended to apply to data generated on-board rotorcraft, the transmission of that data, as well as the data ingested by ground stations to facilitate Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM). The standard provides both a conceptual data model (or models) and logical data models for rotorcraft HUMS use cases. However, the intent of the standard is to allow for data schema evolution and does not define the physical data models. The standard provides functional requirements for HUMS data acquisition and HUMS data transfer interfaces, in alignment with other IVHM standards. The initial standard is focused primarily on drive train systems but is designed to potentially accommodate other data (e.g., structural fatigue) in future revisions. It is acknowledged that current rotorcraft on-board systems do not generate data in this format and will require a translator for use in other systems. However, the intent is to set the standard and have future on-board systems provide data natively with the CODEX-HUMS format.
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