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WIP 2018-10-22

Aircraft Propulsion System Performance Station Designation AS755

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) provides a performance station designation system for aircraft propulsion systems and their derivatives.

The station numbering conventions presented herein are for use in all communications concerning propulsion system performance such as computer programs, data reduction, design activities, and published documents. They are intended to facilitate calculations by the program user without unduly restricting the method of calculation used by the program supplier.

The contents of this document were previously a subset of AS755E. Due to the growing complexity of station numbering schemes and an industry desire to expand nomenclature descriptions, a decision was made to separate the “station numbering” and “nomenclature” contents of AS755 into two separate documents. AS755 will continue to maintain standards for station numbering. SAE Aerospace Standard AS6502 will maintain standards for classical nomenclature moving forward. Both documents will continue to be revised and expanded as industry needs dictate.

Numbering conventions for instrumentation used in testing aircraft propulsion systems are not explicitly addressed in AS755. Other industry resources, such as ARP246, AIR1419, and AGARD-AR-245, provide recommendations and guidance based on AS755 station numbering and AS6502 nomenclature principles.

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