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WIP 2018-05-16

Air Cargo Lashing Line AS8995

This standard defines the minimum performance and test requirements for air cargo lashing line. Air cargo lashing line may be used for repair, replacement, or tensioning on an air cargo net approved in accordance with NAS3610 or AS36100 (TSO-C90) where approved by the net manufacturer in the net's Component Maintenance Manual or equivalent document. Air cargo lashing line may be used on cargo to stabilize or prevent the shift of the cargo when the air cargo lashing line is used underneath a net or inside of a container that meets the requirements of TSO-C90. Air cargo lashing line may be used within an aircraft’s bulk cargo compartment for cargo stabilization and shift prevention when that use is not limited by the aircraft’s Weight and Balance Manual. Air cargo lashing line must not be as a replacement for an air cargo strap that provides primary restraint of cargo to an aircraft or pallet.
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