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WIP 2020-06-08

Reviews and Configuration Audits CMB6_6

<p>The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts and principles involved in the Review and Configuration Audit process. It is intended for an individual who has completed a basic introductory course in CM and who requires the deeper knowledge of a CM practitioner rather than a superficial overview.</p> <p>Technical review and product audit practices described in this text are based on Government requirements. This emphasis is made because the Department of Defense DOD) represents a major customer of goods and services and because the referenced specifications and standards reflect good business practices refined over many years of usage. For commercial companies producing items for other companies or the public, many of these reviews and audits may not be formally implemented. They are, however, an integral and essential part of the systems engineering process. Technical reviews and audits can range from very foxmal reviews by customer and contractors to very informai technical reviews concerned with product and/or task elements that involve only intemal company management and product development personnel. All reviews and audits share the common objective of evaluating the technical adequacy of the evolving design and its ability to meet known technical requirements.</p>
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