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WIP 2020-06-08

Guideline for Transitioning Configuration Management to an Automated Environment CMB7_2

<p>This guideline is not intended to provide detailed instructions for implementing an automated CM system. It is intended to provide a framework for planning the automation of CM functions by identifying the issues and potential problems to be considered.</p> <p>We begin with a look at the current problems encountered with the use of manual and semiautomated CM approaches. In order to aid in the cultural acceptance of a fully automated CM system, the benefits of automation are reviewed and the issues of the psychology or change are discussed.</p> <p>Finally, this guideline focuses on automating the CM functions: identification, configuration control, status accounting, and audit. Given current technology and the constraints of available resources, this seciton discusses some of the concerns which must be addressed in order to achieve a successful implementation.</p>
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