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WIP 2012-01-17

System Configuration Management Implementation Template (Oriented for a US Military Contract Environment) GEIATB0002

This Bulletin is initially intended to be used to convey a combination of information to CM practitioners, both new and already skilled personnel alike. It provides the "what" of CM products and activities; with the "when" of CM correlated to DoD acquisition phases and milestones – thereby giving a time-phased depiction. The document spreadsheet should be read from top to bottom. It shows both the CM activities and products that should be performed and accomplished on a program or project. Next it provides a brief description of the CM activity or product and a column providing a reference(s) to other sources of information to learn even more about how the activity or product should be accomplished. Also included is a column for suggested level of CM control to be applied to the activity/product, from an Industry perspective.

Future iterations will include a more complete dataset covering columns for entry criteria, exit criteria and related products from other skillcodes/disciplines. This Bulletin also has future considerations for a couple of specific examples regarding how to use the document (i.e., a day in the life), from start to finish, assuming different CM user skill levels are involved.

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