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WIP 2020-04-28

Fatigue Test Procedures: Hubs and Wheels for Demountable Rims J1095

This SAE Recommended Practice provides uniform laboratory procedures for fatigue testing of wheels for demountable rims and hubs intended for normal highway use on trucks, buses, truck trailers, and multipurpose passenger vehicles. The hubs included have bolt circle diameters from 165.1 to 335.0 mm (6.500 to 13.189 in). It is up to each hub and/or wheel for demountable rims manufacturer to determine what test method, accelerated load factor and cycle life requirements are applicable to obtain satisfactory service life in a given application. When deviations from the procedures recommended herein are made, it is the responsibility of the hub and/or wheel for demountable rims developer to modify other parameters to obtain satisfactory service life.
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