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WIP 2015-10-05

Performance Requirements for SAE J844 Nonmetallic Tubing and Fitting Assemblies Used in Automotive Air Brake Systems J1131

This SAE Standard is intended to establish uniform methods of testing SAE J844 tubing and fitting assemblies as used in automotive air brake systems. This document also establishes minimum qualifications for tensile and pressure capabilities, vibrational durability under cyclic temperatures, serviceability, and fitting compatibility requirements. The specific tests and performance criteria applicable to the tubing are set forth in SAE J844. NOTE--The test values contained in this document are for test purposes only. For environmental and usage limitations see SAE J844.Fittings--A type of fitting for use with SAE J844 nonmetallic tubing is included in SAE J246; however, it is not intended to restrict or preclude the use of other designs of fittings that comply with this document.
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