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WIP 2022-04-06

Minimum Performance Criteria for Falling Object Guards for Excavators J1356

<p>This SAE Recommended Practice applies only to excavators, as defined in ISO 6165, working above ground, near an excavated or free-standing bank or mine face which is higher than the top of the cab, or in demolition applications of free standing buildings or objects higher than the top of the cab.</p> <p>The evaluations are for resistance to penetration of guards to the point of infringement of the deflection limiting volume (DLV; refer to SAE J397). The performance requirements of a representative specimen (that is, within the manufacturer's specifications) are based on the performance of proven structures under laboratory evaluation procedures.</p> <p>The areas protected include the top of the operator station (top guard), for protection from falling objects, and the front of the operator station (front guard), for protection from objects which approach the front of the cab.</p> <p>Although falling object guards meeting the following criteria may not give crush protection under all conceivable circumstances in which the machine could be struck from above or the front, it is expected that crush protection will be ensured under at least the loading condition specified in the tests listed in Section 5.</p>
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