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WIP 2019-12-04

Connections for Fluid Power and General Use - Hydraulic Couplings - Diagnostic J1502

SAE J1502 specifies dimensions, performance requirements, and test procedures for the male half of a diagnostic coupler with either a metric M14x1.5 or an inch 9/16?18 straight thread stud end. The coupler is designed for use with a mineral based hydraulic fluid. It is used on machines specified in SAE J1116. It does not apply to the mating hydraulic quick action couplings not on the machine. Diagnostic couplings in accordance with SAE J1502 may be used at a working pressure of 42 MPa. The permissible working pressure depends upon the materials, design, working conditions, application, etc. Conformance to the dimensional information in this part of SAE J1502 does not guarantee rated performance. Each manufacturer should perform testing according to the specification contained in this document to ensure that components comply with the performance rating.
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