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WIP 2015-03-25

Turbocharger Gas Stand Test Code J1826

The test procedures outlined in this SAE Recommended Practice are applicable to single rotor turbochargers having either fixed- or variable- geometry with the following caveat: At this stage in the development of variable-geometry (VG) turbochargers, it would be impractice to generate a detailed practice to cover all types of VG turbochargers which may evolve. However, there is a requirements to quote performance data within a stipulated degree of accuracy and to furnish comprehensive performance information. This will form a basis for this document where further refinements may be added as experience and necessity dictate.<p>The purpose of this document is to provide a recommended laboratory test procedure and presentation format for establishing the component performance for a turbocharger. It is intended that this test procedure be used to determine turbocharger compressor and turbine performance characteristics. The resulting data are intended for use in turbocharger component performance assessment and development and for engine/turbocharger matching.
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