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WIP 2012-01-17

Connector for Fluid Power and General Use - Ports and Stud End with ASME B1.1 Threads and O-Ring Seal - Part 4: External Hex and Internal Hex Inch Port Plugs - Dimensions, Design, Test Methods and Requirements J1926/4

This part defines performance requirements, dimensions, and designs for -2 through -32 internal and external hex port plugs for use in SAE J1926-1 ports. Testing and usage through many years confirm the performance requirements of port plugs made from carbon steel. The port plugs were specified in SAE J514 without any performance requirements. They have been developed and tested to gain a 4:1 working pressure rating for industrial applications. In fluid power systems, power is transmitted and controlled through a fluid (liquid or gas) under pressure within an enclosed circuit. In general applications, a fluid may be conveyed under pressure. Components are connected through their threaded ports by stud ends on fluid conductor fittings to tubes and pipes or to hose fittings and hoses. For threaded ports and stud ends specified in new designs in hydraulic fluid power applications, only ISO 6149 shall be used. Threaded ports and stud ends in accordance with ISO 1179, ISO 9974, and ISO 11926 are not to be used in new designs in hydraulic fluid power applications. Conformance to the dimensional information in this part of J1926 does not guarantee rated performance. Each manufacturer should perform testing according to the specification contained in this part of J1926 to assure that components comply with the performance ratings.
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