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WIP 2012-01-17

Qualified Hoses for Marine Applications J1942/1

The following list consists of hose data provided as of December 2017, and is for convenience in determining acceptability of nonmetallic flexible hose assemblies intended for usage under 46 CFR 56.60-25. Where the maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) or type of fitting is not specified, use the manufacturer's recommended MAWP or type of fitting. This list has been compiled by SAE Staff from information provided by the manufacturers whose product listings appear in this document.

Manufacturers wishing to list their products in this document shall:

a. Successfully test their hose to the requirements of SAE J1942, Table 1.

b. Submit a letter of certification to the SAE J1942 test requirements for each specific type of hose tested (see sample table on page 4) along with the test results. All sizes should be included in the same letter which must also include all of the information necessary to make a SAE J1942-1 listing.

c. The SAE will review the letter and may, at their discretion, request to see further test results. A copy of the submittal letter marked “Accepted for Listing” will be returned to the applicant upon approval.

d. The cutoff date for inclusion of a hose listing in the annual SAE Handbook is September 30, of the preceding year. However, listed hoses may be used on vessels as soon as the “Accepted for Listing” letter is issued by the SAE.

Next publication of this listing is scheduled to take place in December 2018. If you wish to include additional hoses in the 2018 publication of this list, please submit your Certified List to SAE by September 2018.

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