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WIP 2018-09-24

Contaminants for Testing Air Brake Components and Auxiliary Pneumatic Devices—Truck and Bus J2024

This SAE Information Report establishes a minimum level of uniform recipes for contaminants which may be used when durability testing pneumatic components to obtain additional information on how a device may perform under more true to-life operating conditions. This type of contamination testing, however, is not meant to replace the type of performance testing described in SAE J1409 and SAE J1410. Durability testing in the presence of contamination, however, will yield results more reflective of actual in-service field conditions and provide an additional evaluation of pneumatic devices. While the contaminant supply rate and other test criteria of the device being tested must be set by the device manufacturer or user, the items covered in this document will be: 1.1 Formula for contaminated oil to be used as a lubricant when testing air compressors. 1.2 Formula for a contaminant to be used when testing pneumatic system components other than air compressors. 1.3 Other contaminants.
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