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WIP 2012-01-17

Ship Systems and Equipment--Part Standard for Studs--Continuous and Double End (Inch Series) J2271

This SAE Parts Standard provides dimensional and quality assurance requirements for 1/4 through 2 in sizes of studs in the following configurations in standard materials used for ship system applications: a. Continuous thread studs in UNRC and 8UNR series. b. Double end studs (clamping type) where both ends are of the same thread length (UNRC or 8UN). Also called bolt-studs. (These are suitable for mating with nuts or the set end may be installed with anaerobic thread locking compound.) c. Double end studs (interference thread type) with the nut end having UNRC or 8UNR series thread and where the tap end has NC 5 HFS interference fit thread forms. Also called a tap end stud. A complete metric companion to this document is provided in SAE J2271M, therefore no metric equivalents are presented. These studs are primarily or use in ship systems and equipment. The continuous thread studs and the constant strength double end studs are configurations particularly suited to applications which are subject to high shock requirements.
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