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WIP 2012-01-17

Ship Systems and Equipment--Fasteners--Selection and Identification Requirements J2280

This SAE Standard provides a comprehensive list of requirements for the selection, identification, and control of metric and inch sized fasteners for use in shipboard applications for both shipbuilder installed joints and for use in shipboard components. The fastener selection requirements included the following: a. materials; b. thread selection; c. plating, coatings, surface treatments; d. locking devices and elements; e. screw thread fastener inserts; f. fastener part or identifying numbers; and g. identification markings.

The purpose of this document is to assist the designer in selecting a fastener and in determining what fastener options should be specified for a particular application. This document is intended to provide uniform requirements for the shipboard use of threaded fasteners and their associated hardware. It is also intended to promote the use of standardized fasteners and to minimize the variety of fasteners used.

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