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WIP 2020-09-28

Information Report for the Installation of Fluid Conductors and Connectors J2593

This information report provides general information for installing and tightening fluid conductors and connectors. Following these guidelines, with the consistent proper use of torque wrenches, tightening procedures and correct torque levels will result in diminishing leaks and improving service life by avoiding hose twisting, tube binding, false torque and improper joint closures. Since many factors influence the pressure at which a hydraulic system will or will not perform satisfactorily, this report should not be used as a "standard" nor a "specification" and the values shown should not be construed as "guaranteed" minimums, maximums or absolutes.<p> This document is an information report to help users by gathering available information from the various connector standards and publishing the information in one source for easy retrieval and applied common usage. This information report is primarily intended for mobile/stationary industrial equipment applications. Aircraft, Automotive and Aerospace applications were not considered during the preparation of this document.<p> When assembly procedure and torque level discrepancies between this document and associated connector specifications occur, the current connector specifications shall take precedence.
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