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WIP 2020-08-13

Gasoline Fuel Injector Spray Measurement and Characterization J2715

This SAE recommended practice promotes uniformity in the characterization tests conducted on sprays generated by automotive fuel injectors used in both port fuel injection and direct injection gasoline engine applications. More specifically, this companion document to SAE J1832 on port fuel gasoline injectors and SAE J2713 now being finalized for direct injection gasoline injectors is intended for use as a guide to the following: a. Standardize the use of nomenclature specifically related to gasoline fuel injector spray measurements. b. Identify and define the key metrics that constitute the characterization of fuel sprays. c. Establish test procedures and recommend test equipment and methods to measure and quantify these key metrics. d. Establish the recommended data reduction and ananlysis procedures. e. Establish the criteria for data reporting and the required accompanying information that must be supplied in order to interpret and reporduce the test results.
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