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WIP 2023-02-06

Engine Power Test Code - Engine Power and Torque Certification J2723

This document specifies the procedure to be used for a manufacturer to certify the net power and torque rating of a production engine according to SAE J1349 (Rev. 8/04) or the gross engine power of a production engine according to SAE J1995. Manufacturers who advertise their engine power and torque ratings as Certified to SAE J1349 or SAE J1995 shall follow this procedure. Certification of engine power and torque to SAE J1349 or SAE J1995 is voluntary, however, this power certification process is mandatory for those advertising power ratings as “Certified to SAE J1349” or “Certified to SAE J1995.” In the event that an engine made by one manufacturer is sold to a consumer in a vehicle produced by a second manufacturer, engine certification may be completed by either manufacturer or by both manufacturers working together. An example of the latter would be the completion of witness testing by the engine manufacturer with the submission of certification documents by the vehicle manufacturer.
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