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WIP 2017-06-19

Use Cases for Wireless Charging Communication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles J2836/6

This SAE Information Report SAE J2836/6™ establishes use cases for communication between plug-in electric vehicles and the EVSE, for wireless energy transfer as specified in SAE J2954. It addresses the requirements for communications between the on-board charging system and the Wireless EV Supply Equipment (WEVSE) in support of detection of the WEVSE, the charging process, and monitoring of the charging process.

Since the communication to the charging infrastructure and the power grid for smart charging will also be communicated by the WEVSE to the EV over the wireless interface, these requirements are also covered. However, the processes and procedures are expected to be identical to those specified for V2G communications specified in SAE J2836/1.

Where relevant, the specification notes interactions that may be required between the vehicle and vehicle operator, but does not formally specify them. Similarly communications between the on-board charging sub-system and the on-board vehicle electronics is not formally specified in this document.

This is the 1st version of this document and completes step 1 effort that captures the initial objectives of the SAE task force. The intent of step 1 was to record as much information on "what we think works" and publish. The effort continues however, to step 2 that allows public review for additional comments and viewpoints, while the task force also continues additional testing and early implementation. Results of step 2 effort will then be incorporated into updates of this document and lead to a republished version.

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