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WIP 2012-01-17

R-1234yf [HFO-1234yf] and R-744 Technician Training for Service and Containment of Refrigerants Used in Mobile A/C Systems J2845

Technician training is required to ensure that recommended procedures are used for service and repair of Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) systems using R-744 and/or R-1234yf. Unique requirements for each refrigerant are detailed within this standard. Technicians may be trained in either or both refrigerants. The technician shall be trained to recognize which refrigerant is being handled, how to handle it safely and be equipped with the essential information, proper equipment and tools, which are unique to these refrigerants. This standard outlines minimum content requirements for such training programs. Training programs designed in accordance with this standard are not intended to ensure or assess the technical skills of technicians regarding the diagnosis and repair of motor vehicle air conditioners. Rather, the goal of such programs is to provide information to technicians about safely handling refrigerants.
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