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WIP 2012-01-17

Power Quality Requirements for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Chargers J2894/1

The intent of this document is to develop a recommended practice for PEV chargers, whether on-board or off-board the vehicle, that will enable equipment manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, electric utilities and others to make reasonable design decisions regarding power quality. The three main purposes are as follows:

1. To identify those parameters of PEV battery charger that must be controlled in order to preserve the quality of the AC service.
2. To identify those characteristics of the AC service that may significantly impact the performance of the charger.
3. To identify values for power quality, susceptibility and power control parameters which are based on current U.S. and international standards. These values should be technically feasible and cost effective to implement into PEV battery chargers.

SAE J2894/2 Power Quality Requirements for Plug-In Electric Vehicle Chargers – Test Methods will describe the test methods for the parameters / requirements in this document.

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