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WIP 2023-08-11

On-Board System Requirements for V2V Safety Communications by Non-Light-Duty Vehicles and Motorcycles J2945/1B

This SAE Standard specifies the system requirements for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) safety system for FHWA vehicle classes 1 (motorcycles and 4 through 13 (non-light-duty), including functional requirements and performance requirements. The system can transmit and receive the SAE J2735-defined BSM over a wireless communications interface; the communications interface itself is outside the scope of this document. This document provides the specifications necessary to build interoperable systems that support V2V safety applications for non-lightweight vehicles, as well as motorcycles which rely on the exchange of BSMs. The document covers vehicle classes not addressed in SAE J2945/1 and SAE J3161/1.
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