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WIP 2016-09-30

Road Safety Applications J2945/4

This standard will serve to re-work and extend the existing SAE J2735 message elements in order to include additional travel and roadway information from the infrastructure to enhance safety awareness and promote the exchange and transfer of such messages types between vehicles and the infrastructure (V2I). Fundamentally this document will outline the needs and detail the system requirements to support a variety of use cases linking to the J2735 effort as other J2945/x documents do. The initial scope will be to revise the structure of the existing “TIM” message to reflect the lessons learned from the various deployment activities such as the BIM developed by an automotive OEM consortium. The objective is to improve the general functionality of the message set in key areas such as message linking, content segmentation, message forwarding within a security framework, and new application areas beyond what is enabled by the TIM. This is anticipated to be a full standard, which will be frequently reissued as further new ATIS/TIM content is added to the framework to be developed. It is also anticipated that the J2735 document will be revised as content is added in support of this work.
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