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WIP 2012-01-17

Service Specific Permissions and Security Guidelines for Connected Vehicle Applications J2945/5

The SAE J2945/x series of standards define a set of applications that among other things use messages from the J2735 message set dictionary. Authenticity and integrity of the communications for these applications are ensured using digital signatures and IEEE 1609.2 digital certificates, which also indicate the permissions of the senders using Provider Service Identifiers (PSID) and Service Specific Permissions (SSPs). The PSID is associated with an application specification that unambiguously describes how to build interoperable instances of that application. The SSP defined in that application specification is the means by which that application can express state dependent permissions to engage is particular subsets of the activities specified therein. For any given application in the J2945/x collection, a complete application specification needs to include a specification of (a) what a sender is permitted to do when their certificate has no SSP and (b) which fields (or which field values, or combinations of fields) can be set by a sender only if they have a particular SSP pattern in their certificate. This document describes SSP patterns for the J2945/x application specifications that have been published to date. It also establishes principles that could be used by future application specifiers to (a) specify the syntax of SSPs and (b) determine which fields and activities should be subject to SSP constraints. It also addresses the development of SSPs for applications that use regional extensions or for future expansions of the base J2735 standard.
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