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Current ISSUED 2020-02-05

Service Specific Permissions and Security Guidelines for Connected Vehicle Applications J2945/5_202002

SAE is developing a number of standards, including the SAE J2945/x and SAE J3161/x series, that specify a set of applications using message sets from the SAE J2735 data dictionary. (“Application” is used here to mean “a collection of activities including interactions between different entities in the service of a collection of related goals and associated with a given IEEE Provider Service Identifier (PSID)”). Authenticity and integrity of the communications for these applications are ensured using digital signatures and IEEE 1609.2 digital certificates, which also indicate the permissions of the senders using Provider Service Identifiers (PSIDs) and Service Specific Permissions (SSPs). The PSID is a globally unique identifier associated with an application specification that unambiguously describes how to build interoperable instances of that application. If the application features multiple activities such that different activities have different security impacts, correspond to different roles, or require different capabilities, then the application specifier should define an SSP data structure such that the contents of the SSP in a given certificate indicate which activities the certificate holder is entitled to carry out.
This document establishes a security systems engineering process that can be used by future application specifiers to (1) determine which fields and activities should be subject to SSP constraints, and (2) specify a syntax and semantics for the SSPs for that application. It also addresses the development of SSPs for scenarios not addressed in the original application specification; for example, arising from regional extensions, changes in application functionality, or future expansions of the base SAE J2735 standard.


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