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WIP 2015-01-27

Performance Requirements for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control and Platooning J2945/6

This document provides recommendations for enhancements to ACC by the addition of wireless communication from relevant vehicles (V2V) and/or the infrastructure (I2V) to augment the ACC active sensing capability. The CACC system operates under driver responsibility and supervision and is limited to the following: • does only longitudinal control of the vehicle. • uses time gap control strategy similar to ACC. Motor vehicles covered in the scope of this document include light and heavy vehicles. The new message elements to realize CACC and platooning is part of the scope. The effort may result in identifying new message, data frames and data elements in SAE J2735. The initial release covers definitions for CACC and platooning and requirements for CACC, while a subsequent release will cover the platooning requirements. This standard defines the data exchange will be necessary for coordinated maneuvers and that definition of the categories should start with differentiating Platooning and CACC, then determining message sets and performance to realize cooperative vehicles. It is an important step in realizing the role of vehicle-to-x communication with automated vehicles.
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