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WIP 2018-09-18

Cooperative Perception System J2945/8

This document provides a description for a V2X-capable device such as a vehicle, an infrastructure or a portable device to broadcast its perception information of other road users/objects nearby, to realize cooperative perception sharing, and to improve the perception performance of other V2X-capable devices/systems. The concept of such perception sharing system can be: The host system is capable of transmitting and receiving V2X messages such as BSM and PSM messages. In the meanwhile the host system is capable of detecting nearby road users/objects such as foreign objects, vehicles and pedestrians. The host system can determine whether the detected objects are V2X enabled or not, and translate the detected objects to messages such as a new cooperative perception message, and/or an extension of messages such as BSMs/PSMs, and broadcast these messages. This document defines a set of use cases and the associated performance and security requirements of these messages/extensions broadcasting such as the latency, new data elements and their accuracy.
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