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WIP 2019-08-21

Standard for Lane-Level and Road Furniture Mapping for Infrastructure-based V2X Applications J2945/A

V2X applications related to vehicles and/or infrastructure enhance safety, mobility, and the environment. These applications utilize mapping, positioning, and communication technology for their operations. V2X stakeholders have identified a wide range of potential infrastructure-based applications that have different needs for map, location-based information (attributes) and accuracy.  The current MAP message defined in J2735 is tailored toward intersections, and the corresponding road furniture/attributes are embedded in the MAP message. It is very difficult to apply the existing message to many emerging V2X applications. The new standard will provide a generalized solution that can be applied to future infrastructure-based application standards using a layering approach, so that each new application standard at most needs to define a new layer of information that is unique to specific V2X application. The project may reference existing ISO standards and leverage other ongoing SDO activities to support the development of this new standard. Several other V2X applications and cooperative automation will benefit from this next generation mapping message. It is intended to provide an ability to describe small, lane-level map descriptions that apply directly to V2X applications such as reduced speed zones (e.g. work zones) and curves (e.g. curve speed warning).  The project will not duplicate large scale mapping efforts being undertaken by industry.
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