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WIP 2012-01-17

Registration and Conformity Assessment Process for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Wheels J3010

<p>The SAE J2530 provides performance, sampling, test procedures, and marking requirements for wheels intended for normal highway use on passenger cars, light trucks, and multipurpose passenger vehicle. This Recommended Practice (which is separate from SAE J2530) specifies the workflow of the Wheel Conformity Assessment Program. This program allows wheel manufacturers to register their product compliant to SAE J3010. The following items precede display of “SAE J3010” on any particular wheel design:</p> <p>a. Manufacturer registration</p> <p>All manufactures with the objective to pursue registration, shall complete the registration as an individual manufacturer via the registrar’s website http://wheeldb.registrar.domain. The registration includes company contact information, wheels produced, and company identification marks.</p> <p>b. Wheel design certification</p> <p>All wheel designs intended for certification in accordance to this Recommended Practice, shall complete the application and submittal of test results via the above stated registrar website and in accordance to the procedures herewith.</p> <p>c. Use of SAE J3010</p> <p>Upon completion of the conformity assessment process, the Program Manager will post the image, identification, and conformity report of the wheel design on the corresponding website. Use of the “SAE J3010” mark in any form is restricted only to wheels noted in the online version of the Comprehensive Wheel Registry (REG-CWR).</p> <p>d. Wheel test facility or laboratory accreditation registration</p> <p>All facilities or laboratories (first-, second-, or third-party) intended for wheel testing under the subject conformity assessment process, shall complete the application and submittal of test results via the above stated registrar website and in accordance to the procedures herewith. Accreditation from the registrar is required before providing valid test reports as part of this conformity assessment program.</p> <p>Manufacturers of wheels for passenger cars and light trucks, who advertise their products as "Conforms to SAE J3010" and label their product with the "SAE J3010" mark, shall follow these procedures. Conformity assessment of products to SAE J3010 is voluntary; however, adherence to these procedures is mandatory for those advertising their products as “Conforming to SAE J3010.” Wheel designs using the “SAE J3010” mark meet the requirements of SAE J2530.</p> <p>This conformity assessment program does not include other parameters like inner profile of the wheel and fitment to the brake or vehicle suspension, ventilation hole cooling efficiency, wheel attachment or length of thread engagement, etc., which are necessary for complete fitment and suitability to vehicles.</p>
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