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WIP 2023-03-06

Safety-Relevant Guidance for On-Road Testing of Prototype Automated Driving System (ADS)-Operated Vehicles J3018

Expanded scope: This document provides safety-relevant guidance for the public road testing of prototype level ADS-operated vehicles encompassing safety management planning for the vehicle, vehicle operations and the organization. Included within the planning will be in-vehicle/remote fallback test driver selection and training, operational safety metrics, emergency action planning, interaction with First/Second Responders and hazard identification and risk mitigation. Original J3018 scope:This document provides preliminary safety-relevant guidance for in-vehicle fallback test driver training and for on-road testing of vehicles being operated by prototype conditional, high, and full (Levels 3 to 5) ADS, as defined by SAE J3016. It does not include guidance for evaluating the performance of post-production ADS-equipped vehicles. Moreover, this guidance only addresses testing of ADS-operated vehicles as overseen by in-vehicle fallback test drivers (IFTD).These guidelines do not address:- Remote driving, including remote fallback test driving of prototype ADS-operated test vehicles in driverless operation. (Note: The term “remote fallback test driver” is included as a defined term herein and is intended to be addressed in a future iteration of this document. However, at this time, too little is published or known about this type of testing to provide even preliminary guidance.)- Testing of driver support features (i.e., Levels 1 and 2), which rely on a human driver to perform part of the dynamic driving task (DDT) and to supervise the driving automation feature’s performance in real time. (Refer to SAE J3016.)- Closed-course testing.- Simulation testing (except for training purposes).- Component-level testing.These guidelines also do not address prototype vehicle and IFTD performance data collection and retention. The collection of data invokes various legal and risk management considerations that users of this document should nevertheless bear in mind, such as:- Maintaining auditable procedures and documentation.- Adhering to applicable privacy laws and principles.- Ensuring adequate data collection and recording integrity to support post-crash forensic analysis.
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