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WIP 2012-01-17

Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines Operator enclosure environment Part 1:Terms and definitions J3078/1

J3078 provides test methods and criteria for the evaluation of the operator enclosure environment in Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines as defined in J1116 and Agricultural Tractors as defined in ANSI/ASAE S390 and consists of the following parts: Part 1: Terms and definitions Part 2: Air filter element test method Part 3: Pressurization test method Part 4: Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) test method and performance Part 5: Windscreen defrosting system test method Part 6: Determination of effect of solar heating J3078/1 consists of the terms and definitions which are used in the other parts of J3708.
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