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WIP 2012-01-17

Auxiliary Two Conductor Electrical Power Connector for Truck-Trailer High Power Jumper Cable J3082

This SAE Standard provides the minimum requirements for high power two conductor jumper cable plug and receptacle for truck-trailer jumper cable systems. It includes the test procedures, design, and performance requirements. This document covers receptacles rated at more than 30A (Ampere) up to and including 150A and is intended for a single circuit with one power conductor and one common return conductor. Single conductor high current connectors are not recommended for future designs because of inadequate ground return through 5th wheel / king pin. Cable size selection is to be made by the vehicle OEM for specific applications and the specific voltage drop requirements of those applications. This SAE Standard covers two variants of high power two conductor connections: a heavy duty version with horizontally aligned pins, typically for lift-gate battery charging and a medium duty version with vertically aligned pins: typically for loads such as power tarpaulins.

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