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WIP 2017-10-18

Techniques for measuring the properties of lithium and lithium-ion battery anode active materials. J3159

This SAE RP provides a set of test methods and practices for the characterization of the properties of lithium battery anode active materials. Lithium battery anode active materials can be grouped in one of the following categories: lithium intercalation materials (including graphite, Li4Ti5O12); lithium alloying materials (including Sn, Si compounds/composites); lithium deposition materials (lithium metal). For the purposes of this document, material properties will be examined for particulate anode active materials (graphite, Li4TiO5, Sn compounds, Si compounds) and for metallic films (lithium metal). It is not within the scope of this document to establish criteria for the test results, as this is usually established between the vendor and customer It is not within the scope of this document to examine the electrochemical properties of anode materials since these are influenced by electrode design. The committee considers that it is impossible to establish an electrode design that would be appropriate for all anode active materials.
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