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WIP 2020-07-15

Vehicle-Level Validation Test Procedures for LTE-V2X V2V Safety Communications J3161/1A

This document provides vehicle-level data collection, data analysis, and data verification procedures that may be used to verify that an Instrument Under Test (IUT) satisfies the vehicle-level requirements specified in the SAE International (SAE) J3161/1 Standard WIP. For the purposes of this report, ?vehicle-level requirements? primarily consist of those requirements which can be verified external to the vehicle. The IUT for these procedures is a configured LTE-V2X Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) device as defined in SAE J3161/1 and is installed on a light vehicle. While the IUT is conceptually separated from the vehicle it is installed on, the tests outlined in this document are primarily vehicle-level so the terms ?vehicle? and ?IUT? can generally be considered interchangeable. Additionally, non-vehicle-level complementary tests, not included in this document, are required to verify that the entire set of requirements specified in SAE J3161/1 WIP is satisfied.
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