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WIP 2012-01-17

In-Use Monitor Performance Ratio (IUMPR) Data Collection Tool Process J3162

Document industry's agreement with CARB for the collection of monitor ratios as required by 13 CCR 1971.1 (l)(2.2.3). Describe key features of of the data collection process and identity the repository for the completed means. Document examples of the data collected for submission to CARB in compliance to (l)(2.2.3). [Note: The means was developed under a contract administered by ETI, Inc. on industry's behalf and funded by industry. The means is wholly owned by ETI, who agrees to the use of the results for this purpose. No SAE resources were used in the development of the design or the embodiment of the means. The embodiment consists of a software detailed design and Java software housed in a Github repository using the MIT software licensing model].
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