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WIP 2012-01-17

Recommend Practice for an Engineering Analysis for A/C Efficiency Credits J3174

Under US GHG and CAFE regulations, manufacturers are required to perform confirmatory testing to validate air conditioning credits, ref. 40 CFR 86.1868–12, CO2 credits for improving the efficiency of air conditioning systems. The purpose of this Reccomended Practice is to provide manufacturers with updated criteria for the 2020 and later model years. This Recommended Practice discribes the work done by the IMAC GHG CRP to develop test procedures, publish SAE Standards and determine performance requirements to demonstrate the performance of A/C technologies from the pre-approved credit menu meeting regulatory requirements Also, enclosed in this Recommended Practice, are instructions that can be used by vehicle manufacturers in establishing an engineering analysis in lieu of performing the AC17 test on a vehicle which does not incorporate the credit-generating technologies. These procedures for performing an engineering analysis should be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the regulation to earn credits for indirect A/C technologies from the pre-approved credit menu.
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